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Seal Mate Will Fix Your Leaking Fork Seals Guaranteed!

Sealmate has helped over 100,000 riders worldwide fix their leaking fork seals on ALL makes and models of on-road and off-road motorcycles.

Our guarantee to you:

Seal Mate will fix your leaky fork seals guaranteed

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Over 100,000 Motorcycles Fixed Worldwide!

Nobody wants to not be able to ride their bike because of a leaky fork seal. We are proud that Seal Mate has been able to help riders all over Planet Earth fix their fork seals in less than 5 minutes.

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Seal Mate Is Simple Anyone Can Do It!

Step 1) Remove Dust Seal

Pry down the dust seal and clean the fork tube to make sure no debris gets pushed into the oil seal

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Step 2) Insert Seal Mate & Rotate

Gently insert the Seal Mate tool into the fork to push it past the oil seal typically about 1"-2" deep. Rotate the tool around several times to ensure you remove any debris.

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Step 3) Replace Dust Seal

Push up the dust seal to put it back in place. Apply the front break and press down on the front end several times to get the fork seals to reseal. 

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Watch How Quick And Easy Seal Mate Is To Use

Watch How Easy Seal Mate Is On On-Road Motorcycles

Here's What Customers Are Saying About Sealmate

Purchased a sealmate for my 2000 Honda CBR1000xx Blackbird that had a pretty bad fork seal leak on the left fork. The bike had been sitting for a while I think before I purchased it and there seemed to be a lot of crud on the forks up under the fairing. So took a chance that it was some of that maybe that had gotten between the seals and the fork. Used the sealmate and wouldn’t you know it…no more leak!!!!


I was doubtful that this tool would fix a weeping fork seal, but I was wrong. I watched the videos on youtube and tried the tool. To my surprise, the leaking stopped. This saved me a bunch of money to replace the fork seals. That is what I have done in the past.


Thanks I just fix my r1 expecting the worse honestly on the beginning I don’t believe but now I speechless what a impressive product now thanks Toby guys my baby is back to the road thank u so much I all ready posted my results with my friend thank u so much guys 

Jose Martinez

Thank you...  It worked!!!!

Rolando Solis

Sealmate saved me lots of $$ on my 2012 Raider.  Thank you.

Scot Loveland

Saved my bacon, stopped the leaks in both fork tubes, thank you!

Seal Mate is available in many colors to match your motorcycles

Seal Mate Is Available In Many Colors

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Seal Mate Works On ANY Motorcycle

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