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200,000+ Motorcycles Fixed Worldwide

Leaking fork seals can happen to almost any motorcycle leaving riders with an expensive repair or major downtime. Now with Seal Mate for just a few bucks and 5 minutes you can fix your leaking fork seals.

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Fork Seal Replacement Can Cost Up to $400

Getting your fork seals replaced can be expensive and can still leak soon after they get repaired. Seal Mate can fix any motorcycle for as low as $6.99.

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100% Guaranteed to Fix Leaking Fork Seals

We are so confident Seal Mate will fix your leaking fork seals, that if it doesn't we will give you a full refund, so there's no risk to you.

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Leaking fork seals is caused by dirt get trapped in the oil seal.

Dirt & Debris Cause Leaks

Seal Mate is engineered to safely remove unwanted dirt and debris from fork seals allowing them to stop leaking so you can get back to riding quickly.

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  • Remove Dust Seal

    Remove the dust seal down away from the fork tube, to gain access to the oil seal.

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  • Remove Dirt with Seal Mate

    Use Seal Mate to remove all the unwanted dirt, debris, mud, and grime from the fork seal.

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  • Pump Forks to Reseal Fork Seals

    After securing the dust seal, pump the suspension several times to allow the fork seals to reseal.

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