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Quickest Way On How To Fix Leaky Fork Seals

Leaky fork seals is so annoying because they either make you miss out on riding or you have to ride unsafely. Both situations are no good.

We want you to be back on the road as fast as possible!

It's super easy just follow these few instructions and you'll be up in a matter of minutes.

  1. Prepare your bike by removing either your fork guards or anything obstructing access to your fork tubes.
  2. Make sure to clean and wipe down any dirt and debris on the forks.
  3. You will see your silver fork tube meets the outer casing in between the two parts is where the oil is stored and is where your fork seals are located.
  4. Insert the Seal Mate tool into your fork seals with the hook edge leading. (If you don't have a Seal Mate tool you can get one here)
  5. Rotate several times around the fork tube.
  6. Pump the breaks causing the fork tubes to decompress multiple times. You will start to see the leaky fork seals oil start to disappear.
  7. You may need to repeat steps 5 and 6 a few times in order to get the fork seal to reseal.
  8. Wipe down any excess oil.
  9. Done. Now you can get back to what we love doing... RIDING!

Here's a video that shows a bit more detail.


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