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Seal Mate

Seal Mate Plus Fork Seal Cleaning Tool to Fix Leaking Fork Seals

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100% Guaranteed to Fix Leaking Fork Seals

Seal Mate has successfully helped over 200,000 riders worldwide fix their leaking fork seals.

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Seal Mate has helped over 200,000 riders worldwide fix their leaking fork seals within 5 minutes 

  • Dual hooks combine two tools into one, giving you more value for less.
  • New cleaning groove removes 2 times more debris making repairing leaking fork seals even faster than ever before.
  • 100% guaranteed to fix your leaking fork seal, or your money back.
  • Works on any motorcycle both street bikes and dirt bikes.
  • Helped over 200,000 riders worldwide get back to what they love to do.. RIDE!

    Our guarantee to you: Seal Mate will fix your leaking fork seals or we will refund your money back including shipping.

    You know what is sucky about leaking fork seals? They prevent you from going on an awesome ride and of course being safe. Not being able to ride your bike.. what kind of life is that? We'll answer that for you.. Not a fun life at all! Not to mention the downtime bringing your bike to the shop and they will want to charge upwards of $300 to replace your fork seals, and even sometimes still getting a leaking fork seal shortly after!


    You know what is fun? Using the brand new Squatch Racing Seal Mate Plus tool to quickly and easily fix your leaking fork seals within 5 minutes. Now you can safely ride your bike whenever you want without the expense and downtime.

    This isn't some magic trick or secret, but the Seal Mate Plus fork seal cleaning tool still fixes leaking fork seals by removing all the junk that is causing them to leak.

    The new Seal Mate Plus design provides 2 hooks so you can clean both the dust seal and oil seal at the same time. The added cleaning groove makes each pass more efficient requiring less time to clear the debris from the leaking forks. Works on all motorcycles both on road and off road no matter the brand and it's great for using at home but it's also ultra-portable so you can put it in your tool pack and easily take it with you. 

    Seal Mate Plus new design breakdown new 2 hooks for both dust seal and oil seal and cleaning groove.

    The new Seal Mate Plus simply put will fix your leaking fork seals and get you quickly back riding, just ask our over 200,000 customers worldwide. Not to mention we guarantee it will work or your money back!