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Seal Mate-Squatch Racing

Tube Guard - Run Low Tire Pressure & Prevent Flats

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100% Guaranteed to Fix Leaking Fork Seals

Seal Mate has successfully helped over 200,000 riders worldwide fix their leaking fork seals.

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You your buddies are set to go for an epic ride and of course you blast through some rocky Tarrain only to find that you pinched your tube and got a flat! Now your forced to either replace it on the trail and make everyone wait or you limp it back and stop riding. 

Both options are enough to make a Squatch scream (grunt) in frustration. What if instead you had installed the Squatch Racing Tube Guard? You would brapp right through the rocky terrain without getting a flat. Not to mention you can run as low as 10PSI so you will glide over the rocks like a cloud!

Featured Benefits

  • Eliminate pinch flats so your ride wont be cut short.
  • Safe run as low as 10 PSI so you can have a smoother and more controlled ride.
  • By running lower pressure you Increase performance by gaining massive traction.
  • Proudly manufactured here in California - USA

What is Tube Guard?

Tube Guard is made from a high-impact nylon that is designed to protect your inner tube from big hits, which would normally cause a pinch flat. Tube Guard not only prevents flats but it allows you to safely run as low as 10 PSI so you can gain insane amounts of traction.